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Early writings from Southern Patagonia
Diary of a sheep-drive from the Río Negro to San Julián
700 miles through the empty lands of southern Argentina
Author: Thomas A. Saunders
Date: September 1888 — March 1889

November 17, 1888-January 6, 1889

All day on the 17th doing nothing but looking after the animals. William Hope came to our tent the same night. Sheep still at Río Chico. Had a letter from McRae to get some mares that were lost.

18th: Hope left for Río Chico to start the sheep. Went with him to the pozo, then came back to look after the horses.

From Chubut South

Left Chubut on Jan. 6th. Came to the campamento. Stopped there one day to get some mares and one ...


all day on the 17th doing
nothing but looking after
the animals Wm. Hopp cam
to our tent sam night sheep still
at rei chico had a letter from
Mc rae to get som mears that
was lost 18th. Hopp left
for rei chico to start the sheep
went with him to the posso
then cam back to look after
the horses

From Chubut

left Chubut on Jany 6
cam to the campamento
stopped thair one day to
get som mears and one