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Early writings from Southern Patagonia
Diary of a sheep-drive from the Río Negro to San Julián
700 miles through the empty lands of southern Argentina
Author: Thomas A. Saunders
Date: September 1888 — March 1889
beat about (perhaps) search around
beef wild cattle
bitch presumably, a female dog
camp open country (from Spanish "campo")
foray search for food
forenoon morning
league (in the Argentine pampa) 5km
lion puma
ostrich the ñandú or choique
pass river-crossing

Barnes not identified
Hamilton, John rancher: Punta Loyola, Río Gallegos
Hope, William rancher: Colmena, San Julián
Jamieson, Henry rancher: Moy Aike, Río Gallegos
MacLean, John rancher: (later) Puerto Natales
McRae not identified
Rudd, John rancher: Cape Fairweather, Río Gallegos
the Frenchman probably Celestino Bousquet
[ref. personal communication from Carolyn Kerr, 1-II-2016, citing Lenzi's "Historia de Santa Cruz", p.383.]
the naturalist Carlos Burmeister
acampar camp (verb)
arroyo stream
bagual wild horse
bajo low ground, depression
campamento encampment
guanaco large quadruped, related to the camel
guía transport permit
laguna lagoon, small lake
manchado piebald or skewbald horse (eq. tobiano)
monte terrain with low trees and brush
petizo small horse
pozo well, pool
soga rope
travesía large, arid expanse of land
tropilla drove, flock, herd
vacuno cattle
zanjón ravine

N.B. Place-names marked in colour have not yet been located.

Bagual Spring p24 lit. "spring of the wild horse"
Baguales, Paso p8 lit. "pass of the wild horses"
Bandaro, Laguna p1 lake not identified
Cañón Verde p19 lit. "green canyon"
Carrizal, Aguada del p5 watering-hole located near the Arroyo de la Ventana; lit. "reed-bed"
Chancho, Laguna del p2 lake located between the Río Negro y San Antonio; lit. "lake of the pig"
Chathico p8 point 175km WSW of Puerto Madryn [43º S, 66-67º W]
Chico, Río p9 river draining Lago Colhué Huapi, flowing NE to the Río Chubut; lit. "small river"
Chubut, Río p9 river rising in the Andes, entering Atlantic at Rawson
Colhué Huapi, Lago p13 lake 100km WNW of Comodoro Rivadavia
Colorada, Sierra p6 hills 10km W of Puerto Lobos; lit. "red ridge"
Comenna, Laguna p1 lake not identified
Corral Chico p5 lit. "small enclosure", probably built with stone walls
Cuero Caballo, Laguna p1 lake not identified; lit. "horsehide"
Deseado, Río p15 river rising in Lago Buenos Aires, entering Atlantic at Puerto Deseado
Desire, Port p13 coastal town, Prov. Santa Cruz; in Spanish, "Puerto Deseado"
Dos Pozos p9 water-source 45km W of Dolavon [95km W of Rawson]; lit. "two wells"
Guanaco Gordo p24 lit. "fat guanaco"
Huevo Frito, Laguna p3 lake not identified; lit. "fried egg"
Lean Gap p21 not identified
Liffapon, Laguna p1 lake not identified
Negro, Río p1 river formed by the Limay and the Neuquén, entering Atlantic at Viedma
Pajalta p4 town 17km SE of Valcheta; (another map shows Paja Alta 30km S of Valcheta)
Pichalao p7 point 125km WNW of Puerto Madryn [42º 15´ S, 66-67 W]
San Julián p24 coastal town, Prov. Santa Cruz
Sauce Solo p11 lit. "lone willow"
Tres Arroyos p14 lit. "three streams"
Tres Arroyos p21 lit. "three streams"
Valcheta p3 town 100 km W of San Antonio Oeste
Ventana, Arroyo de la p6 town 112km S of Valcheta, and 65km W of Sierra Grande; lit. "window stream"
Verde, Arroyo p6 town 135km S of Valcheta, and 13km N of the prov. boundary; lit. "green stream"