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Early writings from Southern Patagonia
Diary of a sheep-drive from the Río Negro to San Julián
700 miles through the empty lands of southern Argentina
Author: Thomas A. Saunders
Date: September 1888 — March 1889

November 7-11, 1888

[We] arrived at Chathico the same night, a distance of 6 leagues, and found water, but not very good. Found better water in a small spring a little further down the stream. Stopped there all the 8th to rest animals.

Started again on the 9th and came to Paso Baguales, but did not find much water, but found more about 500 yards further on. Went on about 2 leagues and had a look for water and found some on the edge of the travesķa, but very little grass. 10th: Stopped all day at the zanjón. Went out hunting and got one ostrich and 20 eggs, all bad but one.

11th: Went ...


arived at chasecoo the san
night a distanc of 6 leags
and fount water but not
very good found better water
in a small spring a littel
further down the streem
stopped thair all 8th to rest
animals started again on
the 9th and cam to passo
Bagwals but did not find much
water but found mor about
5 hundred yards further on
went on about 2 leags and had
a look for watter and found
som on the edg of the travsur
but vary littel gras 10th Stopped
all day at sancson wnt oat
hunting and got one
Ostrage and 20 eggs all
bad but one 11th. went