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Early writings from Southern Patagonia
Diary of a sheep-drive from the Río Negro to San Julián
700 miles through the empty lands of southern Argentina
Author: Thomas A. Saunders
Date: September 1888 — March 1889

October 21-November 4, 1888

[21st: Started again] and came to the small stream: very bad track, with stones. Stopped only one night. 22nd: Started and came to three big arroyos and stopped one night. 23rd: Started again and came to the Arroyo Ventana. Stopped all day on the 24th and 25th and 26th and 27th.


Left again on the 28th and came to Arroyo Verde. Stopped there all day on the 29th and 30th. Started again on the 31st and came to the Sierra Colorada, and stopped there. Nov. 1st and 2nd: Went and got beef; 3rd dried the beef. 4th: Left and came to the last laguna, but not always to ..


and cam to the small
streem very bad track with
stones staped only
one night 22st Started
and cam to thre big
aresay and stoped one night
23 started agan and cam
to the arosy Vantana
the mear lelan... to (between lines)
stoped all day an the 24
the malo troup foled (between lines)
and 25 and 26 and 27
left again on the 28 and cam
to arroya verdy stopped thar
all day on the 29 and 30
Started again on the 31 and
cam to the sarry calarada
and stoped thair Nove 1 and
2 went and got
Beef 3 dried the Beef
4 left and cam to the last
lagoona but not alway to