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Miscellaneous Clippings from Newspapers, Journals, Books etc., transcribed for the web

Newspaper articles are taken from these web-sites: National Library of New Zealand (Papers Past); National Library of Australia (Trove); United States Library of Congress (Chronicling America); New York Times (NYTimes), California Digital Newspaper Collection (CDNC) and the British Newspaper Archive.


1767 Very tall men, seen near the Strait of Magellan
1770 Inhabitants of the coast of Patagonia
1786 Chance encounters at Port Egmont
1798 Harbours for the whaling fleet in the southern oceans
1826 [Captain King, who not long since returned …]
1827 [A Chilian frigate, coming round from Valparaiso …]
1834 Straits of Magellan
1838 The Astrolabe
1840 Yarns of a Yankee Tar
1840 Passage through the Straits of Magellan
1840 Navigation between Great Britain and the Pacific
1843 The Straits of Magellan
1844 [The boats of the natives of the Terra del Fuego …]
1847 [It must be of commercial interest to read ...]
1848 Coal Formations in the Straits of Magellan
1849 The Straits of Magalhaen
1850 Mission to Terra-del-Fuego
1850 Around Cape Horn
1851 Strange Succession of Accidents. Three Ships Burned.
1852 Important from Valparaiso ! !
1856 Curious and Interesting Discovery
1859 Held by Savages. Story of Massacre and Captivity.
1862 [The American schooner Ann Eliza, 128 days from Boston …]
1862 A Perilous Voyage
1865 A Character.
1865 Patagonia and Terra del Fuego
1868 [H.M.S. Shearwater has brought to Woolwich …]
1871 Massacre of British Sailors in Patagonia
1872 Ship Wrecked and Loss of Life
1873 [Navigators going homeward by way of Cape Horn …]
1873 Life in Patagonia
1874 The French Expedition to Tierra del Fuego
1875 Around the Horn
1875 An Account of Sport and Travel
1876 [Captain Carr, of the Routenbeck …]
1878 Revolt in a Chilian Penal Settlement
1879 Gold in Patagonia
1883 A Trip to Sandy Point
1885 No Longer on the Maps. How Patagonia was swallowed.
1885 Stopping in Patagonia. The Southernmost Settlement of the Globe.
1886 [Some unfortunate Indian prisoners]
1887 [Messrs Frank Gordon and S. W. Bell, of San Francisco …]
1889 Searching Tierra del Fuego
1889 Farini's latest group of Aborigines
1890 Savage's Death in Civilised London
1891 Wonderful Escapes From Death of Captain Mackay
1891 The Straits of Magellan in the days of 'Forty-Nine
1894 To South America and Paraguay. Punta Arenas
1896 Does Chile Mean War?
1897 A Cargo for Terra del Fuego
1897 Patagonia and the Argentine. Interview with Mr. Lascelles.
1898 Twenty Thousand Miles in Search of Gold!
1898 Football in Patagonia
1900 Hunting the Giant Sloth. Mr. Hesketh Prichard's Expedition …
1903 No Trace of Mylodon. Giant Sloth Lying Low.
1904 The Church nearest the South Pole
1905 King Macrae finds new use for Bagpipes
1906 Life on Magellan Strait. A Visit to Punta Arenas.
1907 Wreck of the Ship Glencairn. Thrilling Narrative of Escape …
1907 Cape Horn's Harvest
1908 Captain William Horton Smiley
1910 Boers in Patagonia. Dangers and Hardships …
1910 The Land of Fire
1912 The Wild Man of Santa Cruz
1913 Mast of famous ship to adorn Victoria Park
1916 Patagonian Patter
1921 The "Pirate of the Falklands" (Captain Smiley)
1940 The Epic of the Horn, Part 1
1940 The Epic of the Horn, Part 2


Harper's Magazine, Vol. 30 (NY)
1865 Where the Wateree Was 10 images
George Chaworth Musters
1871 At Home with the Patagonians 8 images
"Morning Call" (San Francisco)
1893 Visiting the Patagonians 4 images
John Spears reporting in "The Sun" (NY)
1894 After Cape Horn Gold 4 images
1894 Lively Punta Arenas 9
1894 Cape Horn Aborigines 6
1894 Coasting Patagonia 4
1894 Off far Cape Horn 4
1894 Far-away Ushuaia 2
1894 The Gaucho at Home 6
1894 Nomads of Patagonia 8
1894 Beasts Odd and Wild 5
1894 Birds of Patagonia 5
1894 Sheep in Patagonia 2
1895 Settling Patagonia 7
Roberto Payró
1898 La Australia Argentina 25 images
Hesketh Hesketh-Prichard
1902 Through the Heart of Patagonia 11 images
Walter Young writing in "A Merry Banker ..."
1916 Patagonian Patter 4 images


11-August-1855 fultonhistory.com
New York Daily Tribune, Page 3, 1½ columns
The Straits of Magellan - Letter from an officer of the Navy.
(USS Decatur?) East-to-West traverse; duration one month; descriptions of scenery, terrain, dense woodlands, wildlife, canoe people, Port Famine, Sandy Point


20-May-1872 fultonhistory.com
New York Herald, Page 5, 4+ columns
The Straits of Magellan - Explorations of the American Coast Surveying Expedition. - The Sublimity and Variety of Antarctic Scenery. -The Glacial Theory of Professor Agassiz Proved Correct. - Scudding before a Willi-Waw. - Patagonian Coal and Fuegian Manners
Letter from U.S. Coast Survey Steamer Hassler. Scenery; woods; vegetation; glaciers; Sandy Point; Port Famine; Cape Froward; Port Gallant; Scholl Bay; Port Churruca; Fortescue Bay; Swallow Bay; Notch Cove; Glacier Bay; Playa Parda Cove; Otter Island; Mount Burney; Tom Bay; Curious Peak; Topax Island; Eden Harbour; Connor Cove; Gulf of Penas; Corcovado Gulf; Port San Pedro; Island of Chiloé; Castro; Mount Osorno; San Carlos de Ancud; Lota; Talcahuano


27-May-1894 fultonhistory.com
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Page 12, 1+ columns
Straits of Magellan - Punta Arenas the Southern-Most Town in the World. - Charms of a Free Port - Money is Plenty, Living is Cheap, and the Inhabitants, Who Number 2,000, Are Austrians, Frrench, Spaniards, Chileans and English.
Sandy Point: a growing town, location, shipping, commerce, sheep-raising, liquor


6-November-1898 loc.gov
St. Paul Globe, Page 19, 3 columns
Tierra del Fuego - Man and Nature in One of the Least Known Parts of the World - In Latitude of Labrador - The Ona Indians, who go naked and sleep in holes in the ground; their war with the whites; and how the sheep farmers shoot them on sight; Yahgans of Southern Tierra del Fuego
 Author: Frank G. Carpenter


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