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Navigators going homeward by way of Cape Horn will be delighted to learn from the following extract that another good port has been found in that vicinity :—

"A very important discovery has been made by the captain of the British barque Cedric, of Liverpool, which has arrived at Valparaiso. He reports to the authorities of that port that he found a splendid bay, with safe anchorage, in the Island of Wollaston, situate in lat. 55deg. 22min S., and long, 67deg. 35min. W., in the Hermit group of Islands, south of Terra del Fuego, 24 miles from Cape Horn, and protected from all winds and storms. The Cedric anchored 14 days in this fine bay, taking in wood and water. The vegetation all around is described as magnificent. The Indians were found to be docile and they use canoes of bark, covered with the hide of the sea-lion. The captain of the Cedric says the harbour is superior to that of the Falkland Islands. The Chilian Government, in consequence of the information, was about to send orders to the Chilian coast surveying expedition in Patagonia to proceed to and examine into the claims of the island."— English Paper.

Source: "The Mercury" (Hobart, Tas.), 18 December 1873
Clipped: 26-IX-2012
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