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It is seldom anything is heard from the country which terminates in that (to homeward-bound ships) well-known headland, Cape Horn. However, the brig Phantom has just left Newport with one of the most miscellaneous cargoes ever consigned in these days to a distant land. It comprises nearly 2000 different kinds of merchandise — tin trumpets, toys, dolls, and whistles for the natives to machinery, a quantity of corrugated iron for roofs, 30,000 bricks for dwellings, coal, etc. The brig was recently purchased by Mr Thomas Bridges, a missionary in the Argentine settlement of Terra del Fuego, when on a visit to Newport to buy the articles referred to. The vessel takes with her 10 emigrants, who will act as mechanics and labourers in the colony. Gold is found in the place, and Mr Bridges brought over with him about £600 worth of gold dust. The climate is like that of England, but with less variability of temperature. The soil is of black loam and very productive, and the natives are proving useful in cultivating it. Mr Bridges has under his control 130 square miles of land, some of which was presented to him by the Argentine Government for his service in civilising the natives and establishing a settlement.

Source: "Otago Daily Times" (NZ), 15 September 1897
Clipped: 22-IX-2012
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