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"Captain King, who not long since returned from a survey of the coasts of New Holland, &c. is about to sail on another expedition, which is calculated to last five years. His first operations will be to proceed along the South American coast, from the Rio de la Plata to Cape Horn, and to endeavour to open an intercourse with the natives of this vast peninsula, of whom so little is known. Captain Weddell's recent voyages in the Antarctic, and intercourse with the people of Terra del Fuego, seems to have awakened the attention of our naval government to the profound ignorance in which we are steeped with regard to the southern hemisphere, and prompted it to order this laudable undertaking, which we doubt not is only part of an extensive system of inquiry to be carried on in the same quarter, — every year becoming more and more important. Captain Lord Byron's voyage we take to be connected with the same object, and we should be glad to see the seamen-like intelligence and experience of the enterprising Captain Weddell again employed in the same service. It is strange, that while so much of effort has been directed towards the North Pole, hardly any investigation has been directed towards the South, since the time of Cook. Yet, as far as regards the latter regions, the science of geography is miserably deficient : and there is another great inducement for a commercial country to explore them, viz. the abundance of animal fur, oils, and other articles of trade which they furnish.

Source: "The Australian" (Sydney, NSW), 8 November 1826
Clipped: 25-IX-2012
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