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Dundee and Arbroath Men in the Team.

We have received the following interesting letter from Mr J. H. Foggie, a Dundee young man now in Patagonia:—

It will doubtless interest the readers of the Evening Telegraph to know that Scotchmen are more than able to hold their own on the football field in Punta Arenas, Patagonia, the most southern city of the world, some 200 miles to the north of the famous Cape Horn.

Punta Arenas, with a population of some 7000 inhabitants, is the commercial capital of Chilian Patagonia, and is a second Panama as regards its cosmopolitanism. Britishers, however, are not largely represented, and, as a natural consequence, field sports have never been indulged in. At last, however, a Club has been formed this spring, and several practice matches have taken place.

Last week much interest was centred in a match (Association) between "Scotland v. England." The Scotch team was heavier than the English, but not so fast. After a hard struggle the game resulted in a victory for Scotland—2 goals to 1.

The Scotch team was represented from Ross and Inverness in the North to Dumfries in the South, and was captained by an old Dundonian (Foggie), while Arbroath was well represented by A. W. Christie. Kirkcaldy more than did its duty in Nicol, a first-class player and athlete. Stirling, too, had a steady player in Forester. The match was voted a great success, and a return match is already on the cards.

Mr Foggie encloses a membership card, from which it is learned that the following are the Punta Arenas' office-bearers:—President, Mr H. Gray; Captain, Mr A. S. Cowbick; Vice-Captain, Mr J. H. Foggie; Secretary and Treasurer, Mr J. W. Lethaly [Lethaby].

Source: "Evening Telegraph" (Dundee), 12 November 1898
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