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churchThe South Pole expedition so recently returned revives interest in that inhospitable region, and in all that pertains thereto. The country that has the honor of possessing tho church that is nearest the South Pole is Chili. This is at Tekenita [sic], a station in the island of Hoste, at the extreme south of the American continent. It is extremely cold on the island, and is only habitable in midwinter, by the use of furs abroad and great fires at home. Three feet of snow on the ground is quite usual, and to this must be added the stormy winds for which the locality is famous. The church shown in the sketch was established at Tekenika — which has quite a Maori flavor — by the South American Missionary Society, which has met with considerable success in its efforts in this way. Attached to the church is a school, while the missionaries have charge of a boys' home, a store, and a small Hospital.

Source: "Southland Times" (Invercargill, NZ), 7 May 1904
Clipped: 10-XII-2012
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