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Historical Materials from Southern Patagonia
Journey of a Chilean to Magallanes in 1914
Reports and speeches by Agustín Gómez García  [text in Spanish]


I. Objective of this publication
II. The Territory of Magallanes; Its progress. The problems that affect it. Settled society in the Territory. Studies of Agustín Gómez García.
III. Freezer plants and the reduction in the cost of living. Consequences that the trade in frozen meat would bring for the north of the country
IV. The Customs Office, the damage it causes and the opposition it provokes
V. The Customs Office in Punta Arenas and the commercial reprisals. Against the north of the country. An official document
VI. Free lands of Argentine Patagonia. Discouraging comparisons. Future of those territories. The international railways.
VII. Common interests among Magallanes, Llanquihue and Chiloé. Consequences for those territories of the opening of the Isthmus of Panama.
VIII. Chamber of Commerce of Punta Arenas: its operation, present and future
IX. A model labour institution. Its attitude to the customs problem. This should be solved at the soonest possible.
X. Increased valuation of the lands in Magallanes
XI. Acute maritime problems affecting Magallanes
XII. Notice
XIII. At the Chilean Historical and Geographical Society; a conference on Chilean and Argentine Patagonia. the greatness and future of Magallanes
XIV. Postscript; Statement of sociological problems
XV. Parliamentary documents
XVI. Customs Office of Magallanes; Creation of taxes; Lumber industry
XVII. Iron and Steel Industry