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Historical Materials from Southern Patagonia
Sociedad Explotadora de Tierra del Fuego, 1893-1943
Authorized history of the first 50 years, by Fernando Durán  [text in Spanish]
Cerro Balmaceda, Last Hope Sound
Cerro Payne, from Lazo Sub-Section, Última Esperanza
Sheep-drive, Bories Station, Ú. Esperanza
Payne Range
Winter in Punta Arenas (a)
Muñoz Gamero Square, Statue of Magellan, donated to the city by the Menéndez Behety family
Sara Braun
Mauricio Braun
Peter H. McClelland
Winter in Punta Arenas (b)
Fuentes del Coyle Station
Searching for sheep after the snowstorm (a)
Searching for sheep after the snowstorm (b)
Searching for sheep after the snowstorm (c)
Searching for sheep after the snowstorm (d)
Rescued animals
Herd of horses breaking a trail
for the sheep which had been trapped under the snow
View towards the Payne Range
Landscape, Última Esperanza
By the shores of Lago Nordenskjöld, Payne Range
Beached at low tide. Main island of Tierra del Fuego
Francisco Valdés Vergara
Hernán Prieto Vial
Alexander A. Cameron
T. R. D. Burbury
Cerro Dorotea, Bories Station. Última Esperanza
Shearing shed and some of the main buildings at Cameron Station. Tierra del Fuego
Sheep in pens
Arriving at the shearing shed. Bories Station - Última Esperanza
Shepherd and his dogs
Shearing shed
Interior of the workmen's kitchen
Exterior of the workmen's mess
In front of the shearing shed
Entering the shearing shed
Inside the shearing shed
Shearing (a)
Shearing (b)
Shearing (c)
Classifying the wool
After shearing
Hydraulic press for baling wool (a)
Hydraulic press for baling wool (b)
En route to the port
Heading for the dip-pond (a)
Heading for the dip-pond (b)
Dipping to prevent scab
Drying off, after dipping
En route to the freezer
Embarkation on the Main island of Tierra del Fuego
Before crossing the Straits of Magellan to the freezer
Main square, Puerto Natales
Salesian church and school, Puerto Natales
Bories Freezer. Manager's house and some of the buildings
Bories Freezer (a)
Bories Freezer (b)
Bories Freezer. Water purification plant
Skinning the carcase
Down the ramp to the slaughterhouse
Bories Freezer in full operation
Sanitary inspection
Frozen carcases (a)
Frozen carcases (b)
Machine room, Bories Freezer (a)
Machine room, Bories Freezer (b)
Fleeces drying in open air
Preparation and packing of entrails
Preparation of entrails
Barrels of fat
Carlos Balmaceda
Federico Evans
Pedro García de la Huerta
Guillermo Purcell
Guillermo Subercaseaux
Juan E. Tocornal
Enrique Chirgwin
Leslie R. W. Greer
Fernando Couve
Medal, struck 1943, to commemorate the Company's 50th anniversary

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