«Brown Studies» — Poems by G. P. Brown, Punta Arenas, Chile, 1940


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Duncan Campbell


W H O   W A S   I T  ?

Who gave the first kiss, and where was it placed?
Can Eve claim the honour, or was Adam chased?
Was it a long kiss, as we know it now,
Or was it a light touch of lips on the brow?
Did Adam grab Eve in the real Cave-man style,
And smother her mouth – hugging close all the while,
Or did he approach – take her hand with much care,
Raise it gently to lips, and just leave it there?

Who first caught the sickness – now labelled as "Love"?
Who coined all the words such as "Sweetheart" and "Dove"
"My Angel", "My Darling", "My dream of delight",
"My honey", "My dear", and "My star of the night"?

Who first learned that moonlight was full of romance,
And shone down at night, to give love a chance?
Who first learned that shadows were havens of rest,
And placed where lovers find kisses taste best?
Who first knew the thrill of a loving embrace,
And found themselves floating – away into space?
I wonder, did Adam or Eve get a thrill,
Holding hands in the moonlight – on Paradise Hill?

What caused the first blush, and who was the miss?
When her cheeks turned to scarlet – was it caused by a kiss?
Was Adam to blame, if Eve chanced to fall,
When he swallowed the apple – with peeling and all
Did Eve blush, I wonder, at something she saw?
Or was it because he was eating it raw?
Did Adam perhaps, suggest that they rest,
Then go to a Night-club, all dressed in their best?

Who was the first one to cause jealousy?
Was it a maiden, or was it a he?
Did Cupid mean it, or was he perturbed,
When his arrow went speeding and hit the wrong bird?
How did it happen, and what caused the spark?
Was it started on purpose, or just for a lark?
Adam could hardly be guilty of this,
With only one Eve, to cuddle and kiss!

Some of these questions are turning me grey,
I've fallen in love – it grows deeper each day;
I don't know the "why" or the reason a bit,
But deep down inside me, I'm losing my grip,
And, strange as it may seem, to those who don't know,
I'm walking on air – with my heart all aglow;
Whoever it was that invented such bliss,
Please crown him or her, for giving me this.