«Brown Studies» — Poems by G. P. Brown, Punta Arenas, Chile, 1940


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Duncan Campbell


A R E   Y O U   D O I N G   Y O U R   B I T  ?

BRITISH EMPIRE calling - so please tune in,-
       for a moment just lend us your ear,
We are asking some questions - of all of you -
       and we're hoping you get them clear:-
Are you doing your share - and that little bit
       more - that bit which will sure make us win?
Or are you a jitterbug - spreading bad news,
       and saying we're bound to give in?

BRITISH EMPIRE calling - do please wake up, -
       there's no time now to moralize,
You have slept too well throughout the long
       years, and have listened to too many lies;
Have you any spare time on your hands to-day?
       Are you helping to smooth out the road?
Or are you just throwing your spare time away
       leaving others to carry the load?

BRITISH EMPIRE calling - attention please -
       snap out of your nice easy chair,
We are switching in now - to the dim long ago,
       and this question comes over the air:-
Seems that Nelson is speaking - beside him is
Drake, - we can just catch the words "Home and beauty",
And this is the question they both of them ask:-
       Are British folk doing their duty?