«Brown Studies» — Poems by G. P. Brown, Punta Arenas, Chile, 1940


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Duncan Campbell


M Y   L I T T L E   S H I P

A little ship went sailing, far out upon the sea,
She carried all my loving thoughts, and hopes for you and me;
You did not know, or ever guess, those tender thoughts of mine,
That flashed from me to little ship, and built on board a shrine.

Each day I worshipped at your feet, in silent ecstasy;
Was near you always on your ship, far out upon the sea;
In troubled waters, storm or calm, I stood there by your side,
To shield and comfort secretly, with loving thoughts to guide.

Alas, my ship ne'er did return, or reach desired ports;
And all my hopes went down with her, together with my thoughts,
On sandy bottom, hidden reef, somewhere below the sea,
My little ship, and he I loved, are lying peace-fully.

And yet my thoughts go speeding on, as years ago they sped,
They seek for ships in oceans grave; they search among the dead,
Somewhere, someday, in sheltered spot, beneath the restless wave,
I know they'll find that which they seek, and rest upon your grave.

You never knew, you never guessed, and p'raps 'twas just as well,
How much you meant to me, my dear, or what my heart could tell,
But when I find my little ship that bore you from my side
I'll whisper all my secret hopes, as through the Vale we glide.