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Shackleton in Punta Arenas (1916)
Weekly reports from "The Magellan Times" — the news as it happened

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"The Magellan Times", Miscellaneous Reports (prior to visit)

15 April 1914

In a previous issue we alluded to the Sir Ernest Shackleton's trans-Antarctic expedition. Our information came through England and was to the effect that the expedition would start in August of this year and would call at Buenos Aires, making Punta Arenas the "jumping off" place. There has evidently been a change of plan as the following letter indicates.

The Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition,
4 New Burlington Street
London, W.
6th March 1914

Revd. J. C. Cater,
Punta Arenas

Dear Mr Cater,
Many thanks for your letter. I am afraid that I shall not be at Punta Arenas, but if I have a chance of sending a ship there I will do so. I hope on my return to renew our acquaintance.

With Kind regards,
Yours sincerely,
(Signed) E. H. Shackleton.

22 July 1914

The South Polar Expedition of Captain Sir Ernest Shackleton has now nearly completed its preparations. 105 sledge dogs have been purchased in Canada. These will be sent from Liverpool to Buenos Aires where they will be picked up by the expeditionary ship, the "Endurance."

8 June 1916

Telegrams have been received to the effect that a part of the members of the Shackleton South Polar Expedition have been wrecked on Elephant Island, South Shetlands. Every effort is being made to rescue these men.

29 June 1916

The Uruguayan expedition in aid of the men who were left on Elephant Island by Sir Ernest Shackleton, has been obliged to return to the Falkland Islands on account of the ice.

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