Shetland through the eyes of a visitor, 1899-1905
Photographs of Lerwick and vicinity by Thomas S. Boyd (1876-1966)

The Harbour
men and boys on boat's deck French sailors bearded man Lowestoft drifter women gutting fish Dutch boom
Men and boys "French Sailors" Sailor? "Lowestoft Drifter" "Gutters" "Dutch Boom"
Around the Town
Lerwick, Commercial Street Lerwick, Commercial Street men wearing clogs group of women
Commercial St? Commercial St "The Clang of the Wooden Shoon" "Gossips"
Lerwick, the Widows' Homes Lerwick, the Widows' Homes Lerwick, view from Town Hall Lerwick, view from Town Hall
The Widow's Homes Views from Town Hall
Source: Boyd family albums
Photo archives (valid August 2006): George Washington Wilson (Aberdeen University); Shetland Museum.
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