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Historical Materials from Southern Patagonia
Journey of a Chilean to Magallanes in 1914
Reports and speeches by Agustín Gómez García  [text in Spanish]
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The provocative title of this book (Magallanes is part of Chile, after all) reflects the temperament of its author. Gómez García was an industrialist and elected politician, ready to champion causes and combat the country's ills. He argues energetically for economic development and the modernization of the state.
Rising to the defence of Magallanes, the author provides a succinct analysis of its rapid economic success. He rails against protectionism and counter-productive taxation, exhorts his fellow-countrymen to study what Magallanes has achieved, and to adopt its best practices.
A century later, several of the book's issues still feature in public debate: relations with Argentina, taxation of foreign investors, incentives for remote regions, and natural resource development (mineral, timber and hydro-electric) are all addressed.
Reports first published in «El Mercurio», Santiago. Conference given at the Historical & Geographical Society. Book published by Imprenta Universitaria, Bandera 130, Santiago de Chile, 1914.
NOTE: In 1914, Magallanes Territory extended north of its current boundary to include the region of Aisén.

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