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Rural Association of Río Gallegos, Santa Cruz Territory, Argentina
Records of two turbulent years, 1921-1923 [in Spanish]

acta fundacional

The current Rural Society of Río Gallegos was founded on January 16th, 1921, with 115 charter members. The event took place at a time of high social tension, following the strike of farm workers, declared on 1st November of the previous year, which was affecting the economic interests of the whole community, including its members, both farmers and merchants.

In the words of the first article of its statutes, the Society was intended "... to cause or encourage the development of animal husbandry, agriculture and related industries; to advance any initiative that can benefit them; assist the improvement of methods of animal management and breeding; hold exhibitions and rural congresses; promote technical studies and scientific research; encourage private initiatives; assist public authorities and, in general, promote by all means the agricultural and livestock interests of Santa Cruz Territory."

This site presents the minutes of the first two years of the Society's existence. There were two types of meetings — the Board of Directors and the General Assemblies. The Board met more frequently, but its minutes were more pro-forma than informative: its decisions were almost always made "unanimously". In contrast, the Minutes of the General Assemblies are a more vivid reflection of prevailing concerns.

A major player in the Board of Directors was Edelmiro Correa Falcon, former acting Governor of the Territory and first Secretary General of the newly-formed Rural Society. His activist role on behalf of the interests of "capital" has been clearly documented by Osvaldo Bayer. His numerous journeys and activities on Society business are recorded in these minutes.

The "Index of Sessions" lists the subjects covered in each meeting. The "Minutes of Meetings" supplies the texts, in chronological order; these are accompanied by a brief introduction of the points dealt with and, at times, by references to historical events.

Duncan S. Campbell
July 2014

Source: Sociedad Rural de Río Gallegos, Prov. Santa Cruz, Argentina
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