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Shackleton in Punta Arenas (1916)
Weekly reports from "The Magellan Times" — the news as it happened

Worsley, Shackleton and Crean
Autographed photograph: F. A. Worsley, E. H. Shackleton, Tom Crean
Signatures in the British Club's Visitors Book, 1916

4th July

signatures of Shackleton, Worsley and Crean

E. H. Shackleton

F. A. Worsley

Tom Crean

3rd September

signature of Marston

George Marston

11th September

signatures of Lees, Rickinson, McIlroy, Greenstreet, Kerr, Hussey, Macklin, Wild, James, Hurley and Clark

T. O. H. Lees

L. Rickinson

J. A. McIlroy

L. Greenstreet

A. J. Kerr

L. D. A. Hussey

A. H. Macklin

Frank Wild

R. W James

Frank Hurley

R. S. Clark

4th November

signature of Blackborow

P. Blackborow

Signatures in the British Club's Visitors Book, 1916
reception in honour of sir ernest shackleton and his comrades
held in the rooms of the british association of magallanes, punta arenas
between 3:30 pm and 7 pm on the afternoon of wednesday, 6th september 1916
card firmas
Expedition Members
Robert S. Clark
L Greenstreet
R D A Hussey
A J Kerr
A H Macklin
Ja McIlroy (?)
L Rickinson
E H Shackleton
Frank Wild
J M Wordie
Local Residents
Ruby Page de Braun

Francisco Campos T [Torreblanca]
María M [Menéndez] de Campos

Margaret Chetwood Aiken

Allen M McDonald
Winifrede McDonald

C A Milward

Lillian C Paton

Humberto Vallejo
Juanita Mac Quade

(?) (?)


The following names and signatures are recorded in the Visitors Book:
[ July 11 ]

E. H. Shackleton, F. A. Worsley, Tom Crean
(all coming from Antartica)

[ September 9 ]

Leonard D. A. Hussey, Frank Wild,
Huberht T. Hudson, A. Cheetham,
George Marston (all coming from Antarctica), L. A. Pardo V. (Commander of the “Yelcho”)

[ November 6 ]

Percy Blackborow
(coming from Elephant Island)
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Shackleton, Worsley and Crean
Shackleton, Worsley and Crean in the British Club, Punta Arenas

1. Studio photograph, Signature card - Carlos Vallejo (I-2015)
2. Club photograph, "Guía Huellas Antárticas-INACH" (II-2015)
3. First Fire Company Visitors Book - Adrián Valdés (X-2014)
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