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Captain Hermann Eberhardt
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Hermann Eberhardt

On several occasions during the course of this work, we had occasion to refer to Captain Eberhardt, as one of the earliest settlers in the territory, at the same time as one of the most efficient factors in its progress.

Captain Eberhardt had travelled all over Patagonia, especially in the zone called by the name of Seno de Ultima Esperanza, and as a result of his expeditions, he had succeeded in accumulating a plentiful stock of information and knowledge, very useful to him in his later activities.

When dealing in this section with other pioneers of the territory, we shall have opportunity to mention Captain Eberhardt more than once, for it was from his establishment, "Chimen Aike" founded away back in the year 1882, that came most of the animals which stocked the lands on which they settled.

He was convinced of the great future of Patagonia, and he devoted the best years of his life to its advancement and progress. To his enthusiastic and eloquent propaganda was due the implantation of certain elements, especially Germans, who, in time, became most efficacious factors of industrial and economic development in the zone.

We deplore the lack of information which we could not obtain in spite of our efforts, depriving us of the possibility of furnishing a complete and detailed sketch of Captain Eberhardt's life, seeing that it embodies, if we may say so, the history of Santa Cruz, since its evolution began in that territory and its present day results, which are so gratifying to us, and, at one and the same time cause an agreeable surprise.

Source: «La Patagonia Argentina», p.143