Antarctic Expeditions, 1901-1904
Postcards by «La Nación», Buenos Aires

The Swedish Antarctic Expedition (1901-1904) was led by Swedish geologist and explorer Nils Otto Nordenskjöld. His ship Antarctic delivered the expedition safely to Snow Hill Island, in the Antarctic Peninsula, but was crushed in the ice on its return the following season. The crew survived, eventually joining up with the land party. Rescue expeditions were mounted by France (Charcot), Sweden (Gyldén) and Argentina (Irizar), the latter being successful.

The Scottish National Antarctic Expedition (1902-1904), was led by Scottish biologist William Spears Bruce. The Scotia, a modified Norwegian whaler, conducted scientific research in the South Orkney Islands and Weddell Sea. A meteorological station was established on Laurie Island, later manned by Argentine scientists.

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Otto Nordenskjöld (Sweden, "Antarctic", 1901-04)
hut at Snow Hill
Attempted rescue of Otto Nordenskjöld (Sweden, "Frithjof", 1903-04)
frithjof en el puerto de Buenos Aires cubierta tripulación comandante Gyldén  
at Buenos Aires on deck the crew commander Olof Gyldén  
William Bruce (Scotland, "Scotia", 1902-04)
wintering in the ice
Source (postcards): Boyd family album
Sources (historical background-links valid August 2006): Nordenskjöld's expedition is documented in Illustrated accounts of the Bruce expedition have been prepared by Strathclyde University and Glasgow University.
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