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Patagonia Bookshelf: The initial site menu has been completely redesigned, without sacrificing functionality. The objective is to provide a more comfortable user experience, especially on small-screen devices (such as smartphones and tablets).

Most pages of original materials retain their previous "busy" banner headings. As time permits, these will be converted progressively to a simpler "elastic" format, more in line with this site menu.

We welcome your Feedback on all these modifications.

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The Patagonia Bookshelf was developed to conserve and share hard-to-locate original materials dealing with the history of Southern Patagonia. Here you will find first-hand accounts from earlier times, recorded by Explorers, Travellers, Missionaries, Hunters, Whalers, Traders, Settlers, Officials, Politicians, Ranchers, Shepherds, Capitalists, Sailors and Castaways. Since some texts are in Spanish, and others in English, we have endeavoured to summarise all material in both languages.

Copyright: We believe that copyright has expired on all the printed materials published on this site. Original images from private sources (such as manuscripts) are presented by permission of their current owners. All these exhibits are provided online for educational purposes only. You are free to copy text and images for personal use: please cite URL Reproduction for commercial gain is not authorized.

Editorial notes: All transcripts are faithful to the original text. Occasionally, editorial changes are made to assist the reader: for example, revising spelling and punctuation, correcting errata, or supplying modern forms of place-names.

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