Álbum «Última Esperanza»
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Álbum Ultima Esperanza:-
edited by A. Ribas

Paine River and Range

Blue Lagoon and Paine Towers

Suspension bridge built by the Sociedad Explotadora in the year 1910

The Sociedad Explotadora de Tierra del Fuego employs very dedicated and valuable people: some of whom not only manage large ranches with competence and ability but also are qualified to manage and carry out other important projects, unrelated to sheep-raising. Just such an example is provided by the suspension bridge on the «Las Chinas» River, which is of great benefit to this isolated region: it was built by Mr. Werner, currently Deputy Manager at Estancia Bories. Completion of this demanding work drew high praise from both his superiors and the Company Directors.

Waterfall on the River "Las Chinas" (Última Esperanza)
Parish church and "José Fagnano" School in Puerto Natales

Don Vicente Fernández Rocuant:-
Governor of the Territory of Magallanes, re-elected for a second period

After the solemn benediction of the Red Cross standard, performed in the Parish Church of Puerto Natales on the 18th of September 1922

Don Fernando Délano:- Chief of the Carabineer squadron in Última Esperanza
Don Carlos Fariña:- Civil Administrator of Última Esperanza
Don Eulogio Rodríguez:- Chief of the Police Detachment in Última Esperanza

Cerro Balmaceda (Última Esperanza)
Fiord Bellavista (Última Esperanza)

Interior of the Parish Church of Puerto Natales:-
Photograph taken on the occasion of the Pastoral Visit conducted by Bishop Abraham Aguilera during the first days of March 1923

Puerto Natales:-
Main Square

Three towers of Monte Paine
Lago Grey glacier

Waterfall on the River Paine
Panorama of the Paine mountain and the Blue Lagoon

Ilmo. Sr. Dr. Don Abraham Aguilera B.:-
Salesian bishop, titular of Iso (Cilicia, Asia Minor). The first and current Apostolic Vicar of Magallanes. Born 25th of February 1884 in Esmeralda (Colina, Santiago province). Appointed 22nd of December 1916, and entered on duty 5th July 1917.

Rev. Father Juan M. Aliberti
Pupils of the Salesian School «Mons. José Fagnano» of Puerto Natales
Parish Church of Our Lady of Carmen & Salesian School «Mons. José Fagnano», Puerto Natales

The church was founded in 1914 by Ilmo. Sr. Don Armengol Valenzuela, Bishop of Ancud, and the school by Ilmo. Sr. Aguilera in 1918. The current parish priest and school director is Rev. Father Juan M. Aliberti. He was born in Vinowo, Turin (Italy) on 20th December 1881, ordained as priest 10th July 1910 in Montevideo, and celebrated his first mass in Punta Arenas on 16th July of the same year.

Última Esperanza:-
Attractive view of the Eberhard Channel

Estancia Bories:-
The Manager's house, at the foot of Cerro Dorotea
Oxen for use on the ranch

Don Hernán Prieto Vial:-
Managing Director of the Sociedad Explotadora

The Sociedad Explotadora de la Tierra del Fuego is one of the most important ranching companies in the Magallanes Territory. It was founded in 1893, and began operation in the grasslands of Tierra del Fuego. In 1905 it took possession of the fertile lands of Última Esperanza. Since the date of this acquisition up till the present, the progress and improvement of the region is due in large part to the Company: because, from the outset, it employed hundreds of workers in the different ranches and sections, installing countless miles of wire fencing and building comfortable housing, suitable for the most senior employee and the most humble worker alike. Don Hernán Prieto Vial, general manager of this Company, and with the agreement of the other directors, has devoted special attention to the progress and growth of the different installations in this area. With the tireless assistance of the former general manager, Don T. R. D. Burbury (R.I.P.), the current general manager, Don R. L. W. Greer, and other qualified managers in the various ranches, he has so organized affairs that all the Company's operations, both within the region and nearby, have achieved outstanding success.

Puerto Natales — poetry of clouds
By the shore of Last Hope Sound

Mr. T. R. D. Burbury (R.I.P.):-
Former General Manager of the Sociedad Explotadora, until his death on 25th July, 1923

Don T. R. D. Burbury (R.I.P.) arrived in the Magallanes Territory in 1897, starting his career as apprentice shepherd at the «Caleta Josefina» ranch, property of the Sociedad Explotadora. By 1908 he was already Manager of Cerro Castillo Ranch; in 1913 he assumed the responsible position of Deputy General Manager, and in 1915 was promoted to General Manager for the Magallanes Territory. On the 25th of July 1923, the Company's director Don Hernán Prieto Víal received the painful news of the death of this valuable employee, which occurred in England where he had travelled for health reasons. The entire press of Magallanes paid him tribute, expressing deep regret at the passing of such a worthy gentleman. He died at the age of 54, and was a native of Wendley, Worcestershire.

Paine range with Serrano and Grey rivers
Paine mountains: a picture of Nature

Don Leslie R. W. Greer:
General Manager of the Sociedad Explotadora de Tierra del Fuego

As soon as the sad news was made known of the death of Mr. T. R. Burbury, nobody doubted that the high position of General Manager of the Sociedad Explotadora de Tierra del Fuego, based in Magallanes, would be filled by the capable and intelligent Mr. D. Leslie R. W. Greer; and the Company Directors thought likewise, appointing him by absolute majority to that position on 24th September 1923. The unanimous selection of Mr. Greer for the highest post of the most powerful ranching company in Magallanes is not only cause of encouragement and satisfaction for the appointee, but also proof that his merit was duly recognized. Talented, industrious, experienced and skilful, Mr. Leslie R. W. Greer will be a worthy successor to the illustrious Messrs. Cameron and T. R. Burbury; in a manner of speaking, one could say that he will crown the organization and prosperity of this first-class organization, in Magallanes, in Chile and the wider world. Therefore, we encourage the newly appointed General Manager to keep his sights set high.

Oak wood near Puerto Natales

Tame condor from the Última Esperanza region

"Salto Grande" on the River Paine

"Puerto Bories" Freezer Works Office:-
Plant manager Thomas Dick and office staff

The "Puerto Bories" Freezer Works, property of the Sociedad Explotadora de la Tierra del Fuego, is the largest in the Territory, and is as well equipped as the most important installations of its type. Operations began in 1910 with the production of canned meat, and by 1914 the plant was ready for slaughtering animals on a grand scale. The most important of its various sections, meriting special attention, is the Tannery: this is also equipped with two machines for washing wool, which is exported completely clean and free of the wastage due to dirt which greatly reduces the price of poorer wools. For the convenience of the workforce who live in Puerto Natales, the company has supplied a train with several carriages, which makes constant trips to pickup and return its workers: these journeys are free for all. Since 1919, the responsible position of Plant Manager has been held by Mr. Thomas Dick. Highly esteemed by both his superiors and his subordinates, Mr. Dick is fully qualified in the management of this type of plant. He works tirelessly to promote the Company's interests, which are steadily more attractive and profitable.

Hide drying-ground
Bories Freezer Works:-
Fat-rendering Section

Payne river basin
A good flock of sheep on its way to the freezer plant

Unloading sheep which have arrived from The Peninsula
Carcasses in the freezing-room

Sr. Juan Adema:-
Head of personnel
Don J. B. Joice:-
Chief accountant
Sr. Jerónimo Rendic:-
Head of Products Section

Part of the Bories Freezer Works, seen from the pier

Don W. Garnham:-
Chief Engineer of the Freezer Works
The two locomotives used by the Bories Freezer Works

Since the foundation of the Bories Freezer Works, the Mechanical Section has been under the management of Mr. W. Garnham. To the credit of this tireless and intelligent engineer is due the well-organized distribution of the plant's various mechanical installations. The large machine room is equipped with two powerful motors, with one more always in reserve in case either of the production machines should fail. The second engineer is Mr. Héctor Petri, whose long years of service stand him in high esteem with the upper management. We regret not being able to include his photograph, which did not arrive in time.

Sr. Fructuoso Cárdenas:- Foreman of the Sawmill
Frigorífico Bories:- The plant's fire brigade on exercises

All the office staff based at the Bories Freezer works belong to the Fire Brigade, which is equipped with all the equipment need to extinguish fires. Fire drills are performed weekly, serving as practice for handling any eventuality.

Don C. J. Steweson:-
Head of the Tannery Section
View of part of the Tannery Section

We must not overlook this section, which is one of the most important in the plant. Not only does it handle all the animals that are slaughtered daily in the Freezer Works: in addition, all the Company's ranches, including those in Tierra del Fuego, send their soiled hides to be processed in this Tannery for export to Europe, completely clean and classified. The wool fragments removed from the hides are not wasted, being washed by two powerful machines. Mr. C. J. Steweson, Chief of this Section, has worked tirelessly to organize it to the same standards as the large European tanneries. For a period of three months, he was Acting Manager of the plant, proof of his competence for such work.

Sr. José L. Gálvez:-
Head Foreman
Sr. Antonio Saldivia:-
Foreman of the Cold Store
Storeroom for the jackets used to cover the frozen carcasses

Sr. Olegario Barría:-
Captain of «Fueguino», the steamer of the freezer works
Sr. Juan Ortíz Ortíz:-
Engineer of «Fueguino», the steamer of the freezer works
Frigorífico Bories:-
Two British ships ready to load frozen lamb

Public School no. 12:-
located in Puerto Bories to provide for the children of the plant workers

Sr. R. W. Cairns:-
Foreman of the Tannery Section
Don H. Robinson:-
Engineer of the Tannery Section
Don Mac Leod:-
Wool Inspector

Sr. Alberto Basté:-
Head of Catering
Frigorífico Bories:-
View of the plant's management dining room

Sr. Alfredo Marín:-
Head of the Slaughter-house Section
Frigorífico Bories:-
Group of the able butchers employed by the plant.

To give our readers a clear idea of the importance of this section, we publish below the statistics of animals slaughtered between 1918 and 1924:

1918 301,659
1919 5,698
1920 213,855
1921 279,020
1922 261,278
1923 350,326
1924 300,798

Mt. Balmaceda and storm at high elevations

Sr. Juan Bautista Díaz:-
The butcher who has killed most animals in recent years
Srs. Juan y Carlos Black:-
Electrical engineer and Apprentice Engineer (resp.)
Sr. Miguel A. León:-
Worker with many years of service in the Company

Sr. Pedro Vargas Bórquez:-
In-charge of Carpenter's Shop
Frigorífico Bories:-
A large British cargo-steamer loading a good quantity of frozen meat to supply European markets.

Don Guillermo Stembeker:-
Head of the Radio Station at Puerto Bories
General view of the Radio Station installation at Puerto Bories

Sr. Juan Osorio:-
Long-serving foreman of the Company. We regret not being able to publish his photo, which did not arrive in time.
Don Guillermo Stembeker, chief of the Radio Station at Puerto Bories, and Mr. Pedro Hidalgo, second-in-command, standing in front of the Station building

"Estancia Bories":-
Sociedad Explotadora de Tierra del Fuego
Don Walter J. Morrison:-
Manager of Estancia Bories

For some years, the Manager of «Estancia Bories», property of the Sociedad Explotadora de Tierra del Fuego, has been Mr. Walter J. Morrison. He is one of those men who, through practical study of live-stock raising and dedication to duty, has earned the responsible position that he now holds. Well-informed and active, his sole goal is to see his fields clean of the diseases that do so much harm to the animals in other regions. In the slaughtering season we have seen him checking his lands every day to ensure that his shepherds are fulfilling their duties: as he has assured us, these shepherds are good workers who perform satisfactorily.

Estancia Bories:-
House of the Manager

Don Teodoro Werner:-
Deputy Manager of Estancia Bories
Sr. Francisco Miranda:-
Foreman of shepherds
Estancia Bories:-
Dipping sheep

Sr. Hugo L. Coles:-
Cadet (management trainee)
Sr. Antonio Ovas:-
Estancia Bories:-
Herd of cattle

Sr. José Dunican:-
Sr. Segundo Ibañez:-
Estancia Bories:-
Carting wool from the ranch to Puerto Bories

Sr. José Fajardo T.:-
Foreman of the herdsmen
Sr. William Torbes:-
Shepherd at Dos Lagunas section
Estancia Bories:-
A rest during the branding season

Sr. Antonio Real:-
In-charge of the Carpenter's Shop
Sr. Evald Asplund:-
In-charge of the Mechanical Workshop
Estancia Bories:-
Arrival of the ranch's drove of horses

Sr. Albino López:-
Shepherd at Dos Lagunas Section
Sr. Jenaro Alvarado:-
Shepherd at Dos Lagunas Section
Estancia Bories:-
Capturing wild animals at «El Tranquilo» Section. This is a very dangerous job, requiring much practice and bravery.

Don Valentín Mac Rac [Macrae?]:-
In-charge of the «Dos Lagunas» Section
Estancia Bories:-
Group of workmen from «Dos Lagunas» Section

Sr. Lorenzo Vera:-
Shepherd, Dos Lagunas Section
Sr. Manuel Gallardo:-
Shepherd, Dos Lagunas Section
Sr. José M. Pérez:-
In-charge of «El Salto» shanty, «El Tranquilo» Section

Sr. Kenneth Mac Kenzie [Mackenzie]:-
In-charge of the «El Tranquilo» Section
Estancia Bories:-
House of the person in-charge of the «El Tranquilo» Section

Sr. Guillermo Emmott:-
In-charge of the «Chorrillo Creek» Section
Sr. Emilio Ibáñez:-
Cook at «Dos Lagunas» Section
Estancia Bories:-
Attractive waterfall at «El Tranquilo»

Sr. Alejandro Maclean:-
Foreman of the shepherds at «El Tranquilo» Section
Estancia Bories:-
Mr. Eduardo Arenas, foreman of the herdsmen at «El Tranquilo» Section, accompanied by two of his best colleagues.

Cerro Balmaceda:-

Estancia "Cerro Castillo":- Sociedad Explotadora de Tierra del Fuego
Don Ernesto Santiago Piggot:- Manager of Estancia "Cerro Castillo"

Estancia Cerro Castillo, property of the Sociedad Explotadora de Tierra del Fuego, is the most important in the Última Esperanza region, not simply for the number of animals, but also as the centre for all the workshops needed to repair machines, chassis etc. of the various ranches owned by the company in the area. As one enters the ranch, it appears to be an industrial site, with side-by-side workshops such as blacksmith, metal-work, saddlery, carpenter's shop etc. The strategic location of this ranch brings together travellers from all directions, giving it the appearance of a small town. The manager of this important establishment, Mr. Piggot, is a young man, but an expert in these affairs: thanks to this zeal and dynamism, Estancia Cerro Castillo is progressing constantly.

Sr. José A. Barrientos:-
In-charge of the main kitchen
Sr. Guillermo Segundo Sepúlveda:-
Assistant Smith
Cerro Castillo:-
Mr. T. Vallace and his wife, couple in charge of the management dining room: they have worked with the company for 14 years.

Don H. O'Brien:-
Deputy Manager of the "Cerro Castillo" ranch
Sr. J. F. Turner:-
Foreman of shepherds
Sr. Juan Montalva y familia:-
In-charge of the "El Chingue" shanty

Shepherd employed by the ranch
Classifying the newly shorn wool

Sr. William Don:-
Engineer and Head of Machines
Cerro Castillo:-

Sr. Tomás Ríos Sánchez:-
Head foreman of the ranch
Cerro Castillo:-
Gardens of the manager's house

Sr. Víctor Urbina:-
Sr. Jorge Rojas:-
In-charge of the Smithy
Cerro Castillo:-
Don Pedro N. Díaz and family, plant accountant

Sr. E. Wallis:-
In-charge of Karke Section
Sr. Belisario Ramírez:-
In-charge of the «La Fina» shanty
Cerro Castillo:-
Part of the manager's house

Sr. J. J. Turner:-
Foreman of shepherds at Karke Section
Cerro Castillo:-
Shearing by machine in the establishment's large shed

Sr. José Debray:-
In-charge of the «Castillo Viejo» shanty
Sr. Julio Brao Serrano:-
In-charge of the Saddlery
Cerro Castillo:-
Teacher and pupils of the municipal school located within the ranch

Cerro Castillo:-
Suspension bridge over the River Las Chinas
Cerro Castillo:-
Part of the garden of the manager's house

Shearing-time activities with modern machines
Thoroughbred Romney Marsh rams

Pedigree dairy cattle
Steers for fattening in the pen

Printing house and personnel of «El Natales»

The newspaper «El Natales» was first published on 1st March 1921, and has appeared every week since, without interruption. The paper's policy is political independence, carrying advertisements and news. The founder-editor, Mr. Andrés Ribas, took temporary leave from his position on 30th August 1923 to devote himself to editing «Álbum Última Esperanza».

Sr. Santiago Sagredo:-
Shepherd of the «Posada Explotadora» Section, with twenty years of service to the company
Cerro Castillo:-
Mr. Víctor Schueler with his wife and children, in-charge of the "La Posada Explotadora" Section

For the convenience of its employees, the Sociedad Explotadora maintains a Posada at the place known as «Tres Pasos»: here all staff and workers in transit are able to lodge and dine by simply showing proof of the ranch to which they belong. The manager, Mr. Schueler, is friendly and courteous, which has earned him widespread goodwill with management and travellers alike.

Sr. Manuel Cárcamo:-
In-charge of the Carpenter's Shop
Sr. L. Sweistzer:-
Shepherd working for the ranch
Cerro Castillo:-
Mr. David M'Cormik, long-time foreman of the ranch's carts and carriages, accompanied by his wife

Sr. Joselino Andrade:-
Waiter at «La Posada»
Cerro Castillo:-
General view of «La Posada Explotadora»

Sr. José del C. Avendaño:-
In-charge of the «Rincón Negro» shanty
Cerro Castillo:-
View of the ranch in the depths of winter

Sr. Leo Lates:-
In-charge of the «La Fina» shanty
Cerro Castillo:-
Mr. Teófilo Lener with his wife and children. In-charge of the «Castillo Viejo» shanty

Toro Lake and Range (Última Esperanza)

Estancia "Cerro Guido":-
Sociedad Explotadora de Tierra del Fuego
Don I. H. Maddams:-
Manager of "Cerro Guido" Ranch

Estancia «Cerro Guido» includes two important sections: «Lazo» and «Laguna Amarga». This ranch covers a great area, and its fields are so well cared-for that travellers who know about stock-raising are well impressed. The present manager, Mr. I. H. Maddams, who held this responsible position for several years, is a true professional whose sole interest is to see at close quarters how his lands develop and improve. On arrival at this ranch in November, we found that the Manager had gone to Punta Arenas to renew his contract for a further three years, so we decided to wait for him. When he arrived two days later, at five o'clock in the afternoon, we thought better not to visit him, believing he would be tired from the long journey. But when we knocked on his office door the following morning, we were told that he had left at six that morning to inspect his fields. This is proof enough that this gentleman takes seriously the responsibilities placed in his hands. When he learned that we had been looking for him, he told us frankly: Please forgive me, in lambing season I prefer to take care of the animals rather than attend to visitors.

Sr. José Piña:-
Cerro Guido:-
General view of the ranch

Sr. Abel Cottal R.:-
Head foreman of the ranch
Cerro Guido:-
General view of the shearing shed

Sr. L. Sweitzer:-
In-charge of the «Puesto Payne»
Sr. Fidel Domínguez:-
Ranch worker
Cerro Guido:-
Herd of guanacos: an interesting picture, because these animals almost never stay still when they see a human nearby

Sr. Malcolm Mackay:-
In-charge of the «Lazo» Section
Cerro Guido:-
General view of the «Lazo» Section

Sr. Jorge Martinich:- In-charge of the ranch shop
Cerro Guido:- House of the ranch manager

Sr. Alfredo Paredes:-
Cook of the "L[aguna] Amarga" Section
Cerro Guido:-
Rocky descent in the "L[aguna] Amarga" Section

Sr. Guillermo Rice:-
In-charge of the «Puesto Cañadón»
Cerro Guido:-
Busy at marking season

Sr. Segundo Canales:-
In-charge of the «Puesto Sarmiento»
Sr. Eulogio Aros:-
Shepherd employed by the ranch
Cerro Guido:-
Dipping sheep to prevent scab

Sr. Juan Retamales:-
Chief of the Machines section
Cerro Guido:-
Mr. Juan Retamales, head of machines, and Mr. Leiva, fireman, operating the ranch's hydraulic pump.

Sr. Ernest Smith:-
In-charge of the «Laguna Amarga» Section
Cerro Guido:-
Mr. Eduardo Mercado and family. In-charge of «Puesto Mercado»

Cerro Guido:-
Mr. Eleodoro Lazo, shepherd of the Section of the same name

Even before the Sociedad Explotadora de Tierra del Fuego acquired lands in Última Esperanza, Mr. Eleodoro Lazo was working there; and as soon as the Company established itself in the region, he quietly became one of its workers. Twenty-seven years he has spent as a shepherd in one place, in these enchanted surroundings, facing the impressive, ominous peaks of the Paine range; almost half of his life alone, with only the immense panorama and docile sheep for company. It is for these reasons that the ranch manager, at the behest of the directors, has expressed the company's thanks for those dedicated years of service by building him a small two-roomed cottage and garden in the same selfsame spot.

Sr. Emilio Bustos:-
Shepherd of the «Laguna Amarga» Section
(Última Esperanza):-
Sunshine amidst the storm

While travelling through the «Laguna Amarga» section, in pursuit of photographs and information, our attention was caught by the room occupied by the long-time worker Mr. Emilio Bustos. Journalistic curiosity led me to ask him about his long career in ranching. With natural Chilean courtesy, he showed us his room. There were tools of the cobbler, the hairdresser, carpenter, tailor etc, all of which allowed him to be self-sufficient. In one corner of the room stood two very elegant suitcases, more worthy of a millionaire than a humble, loyal worker. Among the many items we saw, one in particular he showed us with great satisfaction: his bank deposit book, with the substantial balance of 23,000 pesos, the fruit of 16 years of service as a shepherd. When asked about the fine suitcases, he replied that he had bought them in Concepción three years ago for 6,000 pesos, using them for a vacation trip which covered almost the whole country. Clearly, this is a case worthy of praise: oh that all those rural labourers, who make so many sacrifices to earn their wage, would imitiate Mr. Bustos and bank their reward.

Sr. Leonardo Smart:-
Shepherd of the «Lazo» Section
Sr. Belisario Chacón:-
In-charge of the Baño Viejo shanty
Cerro Guido:-
Old "Puesto Lazo", preserved in honour of its former occupant Mr. Eleodoro Lazo

Sr. Antonio Pérez Contreras:-
Ranch baker
Sr. Victoriano Barrera:-
In-charge of Puesto «Cañadón Macho»
Cerro Guido:-
Horses swimming across the «Lago Payne»

(Última Esperanza):-
Bellavista Glacier

Estancia "Fuentes del Coyle":-
Sociedad Explotadora de Tierra del Fuego
Don Richard Lauezzari:-
Manager of the "Fuentes del Coyle" Ranch

Estancia «Fuentes del Coyle», property of the Sociedad Explotadora de Tierra del Fuego, is located within Argentina, on the border with Chile. All its imports and exports are handled through Última Esperanza, which is a much more convenient route than that via Argentina. Mr. Richard Lauezzari, Manager of this ranch for some years, and a long-time employee of the company, has under his command a large expanse of land. This being almost totally pampa, he is obliged to be constantly checking up on his livestock. As we were able to establish, this is in excellent condition, confirming that he is an intelligent Manager, well qualifed in the practicalities of livestock-raising and related activities.

Sr. Miguel Soto:-
Shepherd of the Fuentes del Coyle Ranch
Fuentes del Coyle:-
Ranch workers sorting wool

Sr. Carlos Reiz:-
Cook, Manager's house
Fuentes del Coyle:-
Mr. F. J. Wille, Accountant, accompanied by some of the ranch staff members

Sr. Manuel Antiñanco:-
Ranch Mechanic
Fuentes del Coyle:-
Ranch Machine Room

Sr. Pedro Velázquez:-
Foreman of carts
Fuentes del Coyle:-
Road in the «Laguna Salada» Section

Sr. William Clifton:-
Long-time shepherd at the ranch
Fuentes del Coyle:-
General view of the settlement

Sr. Silvestre Bustamante:-
Foreman of herdsmen
Fuentes del Coyle:-
General view of the manager's house

Sr. Santiago Gallegos:-
Ranch cook
Fuentes del Coyle:-
View of part of the ranch

Sr. Enrique Espinosa:-
In-charge of the ranch shop
Fuentes del Coyle:-
Mr. Antonio Dunican, general foreman of the Ranch

Sr. W. G. Burgess:-
Long-serving employee of the ranch
Fuentes del Coyle:-
Mr. Gualta, ranch herdsman, breaking-in one of the ranch's wildest colts

Las Chinas River, after the storm
A good specimen of a Holstein bull

Coach horses
Modern-style dog-kennels

Dipping sheep
A group of fine Merinos

Baling wool
Herdsmen ready to begin work

Field workers preparing to mark lambs
Horses for use on the ranch

Hand-shearers at work
Interior of a shearing shed

Sorting sheep
Selecting animals

Marking season
Flock of ewes with young

Estancia "Río Las Chinas":- Braun & Villarroel Company
General view of the «Río Las Chinas» Ranch

Estancia «Río Las Chinas», property of the Braun & Villarroel Company, is located in the area of Última Esperanza, bounded by the «Los Leones» and «Laguna Azul» ranches. Business partner and Manager of this ranch is Mr. Benjamín Villarroel, a man of the land and more "hands-on" than the typical ranch-owner. A man of practical experience, he is at the same time an enthusiastic proponent of the Territory's wealth. Thanks to his hard work, this flourishing establishment is under constant improvement, and its production ratios increase at a praiseworthy rate. The installations on this ranch are on a par with the most important in this remote region.

Río Las Chinas:-
Don Benjamín Villarroel accompanied by several travellers
Río Las Chinas shanty

The Cultivation of Oats in Ultima Esperanza:-
Mr. Kenneth Morrison, at work on the farm

Mr. Kenneth Morrison, one of the first settlers of Puerto Natales, specialised in growing oats. He started by clearing fields, a difficult task, because of the quantity of trees and roots. With determination he completed this work, bringing the fields to excellent condition for the cultivation of oats, a cereal crop which was very hard to obtain years ago in winter-time. Nowadays, many settlers plant oats, and it is a rare piece of land around Puerto Natales that is not used in this way.

Gafo, Villarroel & Co.:-
General Store
Facade of the Gafo, Villarroel & Co. Store

The business house of Gafo, Villarroel & Co. is not one of the oldest in Última Esperanza, being only five years old, but it is already a favourite with the public, thanks to the character, friendliness and business ability of Mr. Constantino Gafo. A General Store, its most important sections are Household and Grocery; other sections are Hardware, Automobile Parts, and Paints; all types of hides are bought.

Store and Hotel "Tres Pasos" of Rogelio Figueroa
Don Rogelio Figueroa:-
Owner of the Hotel "Tres Pasos"

On the road from Puerto Natales to Cerro Castillo, at the place known as «Tres Pasos», Mr. Rogelio Figueroa has for many years operated a Store and a comfortable Hotel. Owing to the high reputation enjoyed by Mr. Figueroa, this hotel is constantly busy with resident and visitors.

Store and Shop "La Aurora" of Agustín Jousuff
Facade of the Commercial House of Mr. Agustín Jousuff

Mr. Agustín Jousuff has operated a General Store in Puerto Natales since 1915. A man of strong principles and a fighter, he has shown the best side of his character, overcoming the obstacles that lay in his path. The local merchants recognize his many qualities, among them his integrity. He has a friendly and educated manner: it is a pleasure to talk with him.

Hairdressing and Perfume Shop "La Pura Cepa" of José A. Medina
Sr. José A. Medina:-
Owner of the Hairdressing and Perfume Shop "La Pura Cepa"

Mr. José A. Medina arrived at Puerto Natales from Río Gallegos (Argentine Republic) in 1918, establishing a Hairdresser's shop in Calle Ladrilleros. His fine manners and excellence in his trade soon brought more clients than his premises could accommodate. Recognizing the public demand, and wishing to provide the town with a superior Hairdressing Salon, he moved to a new location in 1923. After some necessary repairs, he inaugurated the new Hairdressing and Perfume Shop, no less comfortable and elegant than any to be found in the Territorial capital.

Teachers and pupils of the "José Fagnano" Salesian School in Puerto Natales
Boys belonging to the "Oratorio Festivo" [a Sunday play-group of the Puerto Natales church]
[photo dated 1921]

p.122 (rear cover)
"Jugoslava" Printing Press, Punta Arenas

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pp. 3, 9, 12, 13, 19, 21, 23, 25, 41, 79, 92, 95, 106: A. M. de Agostini
p. 84: M? Barrientos