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1898 Tekenika Missionary Station, People and Buildings
In the second half of the 19th century, a succession of Anglican mission stations were established in the archipelago lying to the south of the main island of Tierra del Fuego, their purpose being to establish contact with the Yahgan (Yámana) natives. The settlement at Tekenika Bay on Hoste Island, illustrated here, operated from 1892 to 1907. These images were scanned from a collection of photographs in the archives of the South American Mission Society; some of them were published previously on the PatFotos website. [More images in the Missionaries Album]
mission settlementmission after snowfallcanoe and passengers
gathering shellfisherecting shelterfamily beside shelter
"wigwam"cluster of "wigwams"group of men
missionary with childrenmissionary house

Thanks: Jeremy Howat; South American Mission Society ; Album created: 15-XII-2014 ; Updated: 21-XII-2014