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1922-25 Baker Ranch: Landscapes
The former million-acre Baker Ranch was founded in 1916. It was located in a remote, mountainous area of southern Aysén, in Chilean Patagonia. As a condition of this immense land concession, the Chilean Government required that farm production be exported through a port on the Pacific coast. In the absence of physical infrastructure, the ranch company was obliged to undertake various engineering works, including several bridges and a tunnel. Moreover, a high-powered launch was needed to handle the powerful currents experienced on the River Baker. These early photographs provide a first-hand view of works undertaken in the not-so-distant past, when this corner of Patagonia was truly a "last frontier".

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1. rock outcrop2. river in canyon3. tunnel cut in cliff face
4. Lake Cochrane-Pueyrredón5. vicinity of Entrada6. vicinity of Colonia

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