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The unfortunate voyage and catastrophe of HMS Wager, 1741-42
Shipwreck and mutiny on the coast of Patagonia: disaster, authority and defiance

« An affecting narrative: the loss of the Wager », published 1751 (Anonymous, attributed to John Young)

An affecting narrative of the unfortunate voyage and catastrophe of His Majesty's ship Wager, one of Commodore Anson's squadron in the South Sea expedition ...

A full account of its being cast away on a desolate island, and of the strange proceedings of the Officers and Private Men after that unhappy event: more especially ... the shooting of Mr. Henry Cosens, and the imprisonment of Capt. Cheap for that action ...

A complete view of the perils and terrible disasters which the Crew underwent ...

The wonderful adventure of near an hundred of them, in their boat, along the vast southern coast of Patagonia, and through the Straits of Magellan, for above a thousand leagues, during which the greatest part of them perished by cold and famine ...

The arrival of those few that survived in the miserablest condition at Rio Grand; ... their passage from thence to Rio Janeiro, next to Lisbon, and finally to England

[from the preface to the original book]

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Source: Book printed for John Norwood, 1751
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