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Historical Materials from Southern Patagonia
Selected Writings of Arthur Button
an amateur naturalist observes his world
Puerto Consuelo
Puerto Consuelo, Última Esperanza, Chile: close to the author's home in Puerto Prat

Arthur Button arrived in Chilean Patagonia in 1906. Roughly two years later, he started a small farm in the area of Last Hope Sound, where he raised a family and lived to an advanced age. Two notebooks of his writings were discovered after his death. In them, Button shows himself to be not only a storyteller, but also a keen observer of nature with an awareness of ecological issues. Here are a few examples of his work.

Arthur wrote in English. Of the five sections transcribed to date, two are available in Spanish translation.
To assist the reader, sub-titles and punctuation have been added, and light editing applied.

Thanks: Carlos Vega Delgado, Ramón Arriagada
Translations: Valentina Arriagada;   Editor: Gladys Grace P.