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Historical Materials from Southern Patagonia
British Club, Punta Arenas: Guests and Visitors, 1903-1981
Selected entries from the Guests' and Visitors' Books

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1910-07-16   O'Connor, Dr   Buenos Aires   Hobbs, Ernest W   A O'Connor   V-047-21
1906-12-21   O'Leary, Donald   New Zealand   Daly, J A   D O'Leary   V-024-05
1909-09-02   O'Leary, P, Rev   London   Jones, J A   Rev P O' Leary   V-041-23
1910-01-27   O'Malley, C A G, Capt   London   Jacobs, F H   Capt G O'Malley   V-044-03
1904-02-06   O'Neil, Thomas   London   Cameron, A     V-004-06
1904-01-18   Oakley, G C M   England   Nixon, Ramsey B     V-003-05
1914-11-21   Oakley, G C M   Oriana   Guthrie, James   G C M Oakley   V-074-04
1914-05-14   Oerton, F J   Buenos Aires   McDonald, Allan M   F J Oerton   V-071-24
1914-07-24   Oerton, F J   Buenos Aires   McDonald, Allan M   F J Oerton   V-072-15
1910-08-27   Officiaes   Tamoyo   Perkins, Wm     V-048-16
1910-08-27   Officiaes   Timbyra   Perkins, Wm     V-048-17
1910-08-27   Officiaes   Bahia   Perkins, Wm     V-048-12
1913-07-22   Oficiales   Valparaiso (Blanco Encalada)   Smith, W H     V-066-13
1907-03-01   Ogden, Edward   Valparaiso   Riesco, C Arthur   Edward Ogden   V-025-08
1903-10-03   Ogilvie, A G   Bedford, England   Luke, C C   A G Ogilvie   V-001-06
1913-09-30   Oldfield, ..., Mr     Cameron, A W     V-067-14
1913-04-14   Oldfield, G H   Chillan   Smith, W H   G Oldfield   V-064-24
1914-12-12   Oldfield, J K   Antofagasta   Treanor, A W     V-074-15
1912-11-22   Oldfield, R E   London   McDonald, Allan M   R E Oldfield   V-061-09
1907-01-09   Olds, W C   Erie, Penna, USA   Robins, James C   W C Olds   V-024-14
1905-01-14   Olsen, Captain   Bristol   Townsend, Kenneth A   F Olsen   V-012-01
1912-11-28   Oppenheimer, Frank   Manchester   Townsend, F H   Frank Oppenheimer   V-061-14
1909-12-07   Orde, Horace   Newcastle-on-Tyne   Hobbs, Ernest W   Horace Shafto Orde   V-042-25
1912-10-21   Ormestoy, R   Valparaiso     R Ormů   V-060-18
1904-07-03   Orrell, Walter   London   Orrell, W     V-007-05
1912-02-10   Oswin, P J M   Birmingham   Milward, Ch   Percy J M Oswin   V-057-25
1913-05-06   Oswin, Percy T M   London   Madden, R M   P T M Oswin   V-065-11
1905-04-06   Owen, James   Valparaiso   Perkins, William     V-013-12
1910-11-19   Owen, L B   Boscombe, England   Perkins, Wm   L B Owen   V-050-10
1905-11-11   Owen, Thomas R   London   Robins, James C     V-016-24
1910-02-03   Oxley, William   Bradford   Milward, A   W Oxley   V-044-06

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