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Historical Materials from Southern Patagonia
British Club, Punta Arenas: Guests and Visitors, 1903-1981
Selected entries from the Guests' and Visitors' Books

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1910-04-23   J Y Smith, Captain and officers   USS South Dakota   Perkins, Wm     V-046-09
1914-06-30   Jackson, H   Rio Grande   Betteridge, T C   H Jackson   V-072-11
1912-01-26   Jackson, N A J   New Zealand   Milward, Ch   N A J Jackson   V-057-22
1907-05-24   Jacob, Captain   Liverpool   Milward, C A   Chas M M Jacob   V-027-01
1908-02-10   Jacobs   Buenos Aires   Milward, C A     V-034-01
1911-07-16   Jacobs, A E   P Arenas   Jacobs, F H   A E Jacobs   V-055-04
1911-10-09   Jacobs, Arthur M   London   Smith,   Arthur M Jacobs   V-055-24
1908-03-13   Jacobs, F H   Buenos Aires   Perkins, Wm     V-035-03
1908-07-17   Jacobs, F H   Cullen Station   Perkins, Wm     V-036-20
1903-12-11   Jacobs, H A   Buenos Aires   Jacobs, L L   H A Jacobs   V-002-10
1911-06-02   Jacobs, L   Buenos Aires   Jacobs, F H   L Jacobs   V-054-15
1913-03-26   James, A W   Santa Cruz   Patterson, J   Arthur W James   V-064-13
1908-11-21   James, Arthur W   London   Patterson, J   Arthur W James   V-038-11
1905-06-08   Jamieson, H   Coyle   Townsend, Frank H     V-014-19
1914-05-09   Jamieson, H   Rio Gallegos   Riesco, Charles   H Jamieson   V-071-16
1904-10-01   Jamieson, H B   Buenos Aires   Perkins, William     V-009-07
1913-02-07   Jardine, F R   London   Jacobs, F H   F R Jardine   V-063-12
1904-10-29   Jay, Fred B   Keynsham   Wood, Walter A   Fred B Jay   V-009-16
1906-02-16   Jay, Fred B   Argentina   Bennett, James   Fred B Jay   V-018-10
1914-01-22   Jenkins, J H   Liverpool   Hobbs, Ernest W   Jos H Jenkins   V-069-03
1914-12-08   Jenkins, Jos H   Sorata   Hobbs, Ernest W   Jos H Jenkins   V-074-08
1914-08-10   Jenkins, Jos Sr   Sorata   Hobbs, Ernest W   Jos Sr Jenkins   V-072-23
1907-04-13   Jenkins, T W   England   Weston, J B   Thomas W Jenkins   V-026-06
1908-03-06   Jenn[], A K   Buenos Aires   Cameron, A A   George A Vickery   V-034-18
1907-08-07   Johnson, B Leitch   Liverpool   Robins, James C   B L Johnson   V-029-03
1914-09-19   Johnson, Murray G   Valparaiso   Treanor, A W   Murray G Johnson   V-073-05
1911-03-25   Johnston, R W   Liverpool   Milward, C A   R W Johnston   V-053-09
1912-07-27   Johnston, S W   Stanley, F I   Dixon, Wm L   S W Johnston   V-059-21
1912-10-21   Johnston, S W   Falkland Islands     S W Johnston   V-060-17
1904-04-24   Johnston, William   Valparaiso   Davidson, J   William Johnston   V-006-03
1910-12-27   Johnston, William   Buenos Aires   Vickery, George   William Johnston   V-051-01
1913-05-31   Johnstone, Melville   Napier, New Zealand   Milward, C A   Melville Johnstone   V-065-20
1908-01-09   Johnstone, W E, Capt   Glasgow   Robins, James C     V-032-21
1909-01-18   Jones, E   Borth   Perkins, Wm     V-039-03
1906-11-24   Jones, J Ch   Victoria, Australia   Breen, E   J Ch Jones   V-023-20
1908-01-17   Jones, J K   Buenos Aires   Foggie, Juan H   J K Jones   V-033-01
1904-02-15   Jones, Parry   Valparaiso   Robins, James C     V-004-10
1907-09-14   Jory, S   Valparaiso   Macfarlane, J R   [] Jory   V-029-17
1903-10-03   Joslyn, C S   New York   Christie, A W   C S Joslyn   V-001-05
1907-06-27   Josti, Harold   Liverpool   Perkins, Wm     V-027-18
1906-07-16   Joy, Fred B   Argentina   Slaughter, T G   Fred B Jay   V-022-03
1914-11-21   Jumeaux, B   Liverpool   Guthrie, James   B Jumeaux   V-074-05

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