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Historical Materials from Southern Patagonia
British Club, Punta Arenas: Guests and Visitors, 1903-1981
Selected entries from the Guests' and Visitors' Books

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1909-12-17   Caistor, Geo H   Gainsborough, Eng   Foggie, J H   Geo H Caistor   V-043-05
1914-07-24   Calderon Cousiño, A   Santiago   Smith, W   Alb Calderon Cousiño   V-072-14
1913-01-12   Caldwell, M A   London   Marsters, J   M A Caldwell   V-062-16
1907-06-19   Cameron, A D   Peru   Townsend, K A   A D Cameron   V-027-12
1914-10-03   Cameron, D L   London   Cameron, A W   D L Cameron   V-073-13
1908-08-16   Cameron, D R   C Rivadavia   Cameron, G R   D R Cameron   V-037-06
1910-06-02   Cameron, D R   Comodoro Rivadavia   Dow, Wm   D R Cameron   V-047-06
1906-05-31   Cameron, Ewen J   Victoria, BC   Wilson, James   Ewen J. Cameron   V-021-07
1906-10-13   Cameron, J A   Scotland   Dixon, H   J A Cameron   V-023-04
1909-11-23   Cameron, J G   Bedford, England   Williams, L   J G Cameron   V-042-16
1908-04-18   Cameron, John   Aberdeen   Perkins, Wm     V-035-10
1908-07-21   Cameron, Madge   London   France, W H   Madge Cameron   V-037-01
1913-09-30   Cameron, Madge   Puerto Sara   Cameron, A W   Madge Cameron   V-067-16
1908-07-21   Cameron, Mary   Hong Kong   France, W H   Mary Cameron   V-037-02
1913-02-10   Cameron, W Ruth   San Carlos, F I   Morrison, A     V-063-19
1906-05-25   Cammermeyer   SS Hugin   Jackson, J C   Cammermeyer   V-021-01
1910-09-15   Campbell, Adam   Gallegos   Cameron, A D   Adam Campbell   V-049-01
1913-08-31   Campbell, Adam   San Gregorio   Milward, Arthur     V-066-24
1912-11-22   Campos, J   Spain   Breen, E   J Campos   V-061-07
1906-06-19   Canada, Harold A   London   Perkins, Wm     V-021-16
1908-06-16   Capello, Paolo   Punta Arenas   Hannay, F     V-036-04
1906-09-17   Carburgh, S A   London   Ferrier, W S     V-022-24
1910-10-11   Cardoso, Genaro Y   Ushuaia   Foggie     V-049-17
1913-07-28   Carroll, Robt K   Liverpool   Townsend, Frank H   Robt K Carroll   V-066-16
1904-08-29   Carse, J, Captain   Glasgow   Waldron, Wilfred   James Carse   V-008-12
1904-06-16   Carston, Thomas R   Sastre, FCCA, Sta Fe   High, A W   Thomas Carston   V-006-15
1904-08-07   Carvalho, H N   London   Gillingham, B F   H Carvacho   V-008-03
1907-10-12   Carvalho, Harold A   London   Milward, Arthur     V-030-11
1908-02-19   Carver, H D   Buenos Aires   Bennett, James     V-034-12
1913-08-03   Cater, J B W   Spring Hill   Betteridge, T C   J B W Cater   V-066-17
1911-12-28   Cater, J C, Rev   Dundee   Milward, C A   J C Cater   V-057-08
1908-03-03   Cathcart, A J   New York   Lethaby, Douglas R   A J Cathcart   V-034-17
1911-03-02   Cather, D C   US Navy   Perkins, Wm     V-052-15
1909-09-23   Cattle, Ernest   Lago Argentino   Milward, A   Ernest Cattle   V-042-02
1907-01-07   Cavendish, J R   Buenos Aires   Hanna, F   J R Cavendish   V-024-13
1914-02-07   Cerda A, Daniel   Valdivia   Espindola, H, Honor Member   Daniel Cerda A   V-069-16
1907-07-17   Chaigneau, Fernando     Perkins, Wm     V-028-14
1906-05-01   Chamberlain, Cyril   New Zealand   Cameron, A A   C Chamberlain   V-020-16
1911-05-19   Chamberlain, E T   SS Oronsa   Dixon, W F   Ernest Chamberlain   V-054-08
1914-01-09   Chantriel, B R   Buenos Aires   Constanduro, Con   Brian R Chantriel   V-068-26
1910-11-19   Chantrill, Bevan R   Buenos Aires   Luke, Cluny C   Bevan R Chantrill   V-050-09
1914-05-14   Chantrill, Bevan R   Buenos Aires   McDonald, Allan M   Bevan R Chantrill   V-071-23
1907-05-11   Chapman, Sydney   London   Macdougall, Hugh   Sydney Chapman   V-026-18
1904-11-29   Chapple, J G   London   High, A W     V-010-11
1904-12-29   Charles, William   Sydney, Australia   Williams, C   Wm Charles   V-011-09
1911-12-03   Charles, Wm   Punta Arenas   Clarke, E C   Wm Charles   V-056-24
1913-06-18   Chase, Edward   San Julian   Needham, Frank H   Edward Chase   V-065-27
1908-02-04   Chesshire, G H   Parkstone, Dorset   Perkins, Wm     V-033-17
1910-04-29   Chetwood Aiken, H   Los Morros   Townsend, K A   H C Chetwood Aiken   V-046-12
1910-05-15   Chetwood Aiken, H   Los Morros   Price, E T   H C Chetwood Aiken   V-046-23
1909-12-03   Chetwood-Aiken, H C   Bristol   Chappel, J G   H C Chetwood Aiken   V-042-23
1909-02-11   Child, W H   London   Perkins, Wm     V-039-13
1913-06-23   Chinchen, H S   Valparaiso   Smith, W H   H S Chinchen   V-066-02
1912-09-02   Christian, Captain   Liverpool, SS Galicia   Hobbs, Ernest W   Chas H Christian   V-060-02
1910-02-11   Christie, Wm D R   Buenos Aires   Robins, James C   Wm D R Christie   V-044-11
1912-11-03   Clark, D   Newcastle on Tyne   Robins, James C   D Clark   V-060-24
1907-05-22   Clark, F C   Liverpool   Perkins, Wm     V-026-23
1906-02-28   Clark, Santiago   M Zenteno   Skirving, John N     V-019-10
1906-05-01   Clarke, Arthur   New Zealand   Cameron, A A   A Clarke   V-020-17
1906-05-01   Clarke, Edgar   New Zealand   Cameron, A A     V-020-14
1909-11-28   Clarke, F C   New Zealand   Clarke, E C   F C Clarke   V-042-19
1904-05-20   Clarke, H   Punta Delgada   Perkins, William   H Clarke   V-006-10
1912-09-15   Clarke, H   P Delgada   McLean, H   D Clarke   V-060-05
1913-01-29   Clarke, J C   New Zealand   Clarke, E C   J C Clark   V-063-03
1908-07-21   Clarkson, W A   Valparaiso   Foggie, Juan H   W A Clarkson   V-037-03
1911-02-24   Claslin, J   Valparaiso   Conran, A J   J Claslin   V-052-08
1912-11-24   Clayton, H   Bradford   Milward, A   H Clayton   V-061-10
1913-04-08   Clayton, J C   London   Perkins, Wm     V-064-21
1914-04-25   Clement, Duncan   Estancia Quien Sabe   Barclay, H G   Duncan H Clement   V-071-07
1914-11-15   Cobos, Norberto   Buenos Aires   McDonald, Allan M     V-074-02
1907-11-25   Cockerham, E C   Bradford   Constanduros, Con   E C Cockerham   V-032-03
1908-02-01   Cockerham, E C   Bradford   Constanduros, Con     V-033-13
1908-09-11   Cody, B D   Buenos Aires   Milward, C A   B D Cody   V-037-10
1910-08-27   Coelho, Durao, Capitao Corveta ...to   [Brazilian Navy]   Perkins, Wm     V-048-13
1913-05-05   Coffee, H   Buenos Aires     H Coffee   V-065-05
1904-02-20   Coghill, V   Edinburgh   Perkins, William     V-004-13
1904-04-10   Cohen, Arthur   Manchester   Nixon, Ramsey B   Arthur Cohen   V-005-19
1909-03-26   Cohen, C M   London   Riesco, C Arthur   C […] Cohen   V-040-10
1909-12-15   Coleman, W T   San Francisco   France, W H   Wm J Coleman   V-043-03
1907-05-20   Coles, E Q, The Reverend   Punta Arenas   Aspinall, Edwin C   E Quin Coles   V-026-22
1913-01-11   Coll, G A   London   Guthrie, James   G A Coll   V-062-12
1906-01-15   Colquhoun, W B   London   Ballardie, J W   W B Colquhoun   V-017-22
1906-11-23   Colwis, W P   Liverpool   Perkins, Wm     V-023-18
1910-06-08   Comandante en Jefe, Jefe y Oficiales   O'Higgins & Esmeralda   Perkins, Wm     V-047-08
1908-02-02   Commanders and Officers of the   US Fleet   Perkins, Wm     V-033-16
1911-08-20   Compton, Percy B   Valparaiso   Perkins, Wm   Percy B Compton   V-055-11
1911-07-05   Compton, Richard   Cork   Perkins, Wm     V-054-26
1912-09-16   Compton, Richard   SS Sierra Blanca   Perkins, Wm   Richard Compton   V-060-06
1910-09-14   Connell, Jas C   Liverpool   Perkins, Wm     V-048-22
1906-02-05   Connolly, J T   Liverpool   Perkins, William     V-018-06
1907-10-12   Conroy, A   London   Lethaby, Douglas R   A J Conroy   V-030-16
1909-03-08   Conroy, A J   Iquique   Gilmour, W M   A J Conroy   V-040-04
1911-04-29   Conroy, J A   Birkenhead   Conroy, A J   J A Conroy   V-053-28
1906-05-19   Constanduros, Con     Riesco, C Arthur   Con Constanduros   V-020-21
1913-09-30   Constant, Dr   Valparaiso   Dockray, S T   Charles ffrench-Constant   V-067-12
1910-07-01   Contardi, Jose Luis   P Arenas   Jacobs, F H     V-047-13
1914-05-02   Cooper, H A   Buenos Aires   Constandouros, Con   H A Cooper   V-071-15
1908-10-29   Cooper, L W   Cardiff     Cooper, L W   V-038-04
1914-11-21   Cordova, D   Valparaiso   Guthrie, James   D Cordova   V-074-06
1910-08-27   Correia, Coriolano, Capitao Teniente   [Brazilian Navy]   Perkins, Wm     V-048-15
1913-11-13   Corry, F L   Cambridge   Milward, C A   F L Corry   V-068-03
1909-02-23   Cotton, G G   New Zealand   Cameron, A A   G E Cotton   V-039-21
1913-05-27   Cotton, Gilbert   Port Madryn   McDonald, Allan M   Gilbert Cotton   V-065-18
1911-03-02   Coulbourn, T S   USS Delaware   Perkins, Wm     V-052-11
1904-10-01   Coulton, William R   Buenos Aires   Perkins, William     V-009-03
1911-06-26   Cowling, E J S   London   Bishop, A S   E J S Cowling   V-054-23
1906-09-17   Cowperthwaite, H   Glasgow   Ferrier, W S     V-022-23
1907-03-26   Cowperthwaite, H   Glasgow   Luke, C C     V-025-22
1914-01-10   Crabtree, F   Valparaiso     ? Crabtree   V-068-29
1910-07-14   Craggs, J L   Huddersfield   Townsend, K A   J L Craggs   V-047-17
1909-12-18   Craig, E Gibson   England   McDonald, Allan M   E Gibson Craig   V-043-09
1907-10-31   Crawford, N S   Manchester   Jay, Fred B   N S Crawford   V-031-13
1908-05-17   Crawford, N S   Carmarthen, England   Sharp, Chas H   N S Crawford   V-035-20
1904-08-12   Crawshay, R, Captain, Retired ... late ...   London   Robins, James C     V-008-05
1907-11-21   Creed, C O   Ireland   Paton, G C   C O Creed   V-031-20
1912-11-02   Creed, C O   England   Wood, Walter   C O Creed   V-060-23
1908-09-18   Cremer, E S, Capt   England   Perkins, Wm     V-037-13
1910-02-21   Creran, J P   Ottawa, Canada   Cameron, A A     V-044-26
1906-09-12   Crocker, C P   Boston, USA   Perkins, Wm     V-022-18
1911-02-01   Cronin, Mrs   Nowhere   Cronin, E P   Muriel Cronin   V-051-16
1910-02-12   Crook, Fredk   Falkland Islands   Constanduros, Con   Fred Crook   V-044-14
1905-08-06   Crosby, Wm Floyd   San Rafael, Cal   Robins, James C     V-015-17
1904-02-22   Crossley, W J   New York   Perkins, William     V-004-17
1914-10-26   Cruickshank, R C   Caleta Josefina   Forbes, D   R C Cruickshank   V-073-21
1911-02-11   Cruikshank, R   New Zealand   Cameron, A A   R C Cruikshank   V-051-22
1907-02-13   Cruise, H M   London   Aspinall, E C   Henry M Cruise   V-025-04
1909-10-08   Cruse, L C   New York   Perkins, Wm     V-042-07
1907-01-07   Cuff, Arthur S   Buenos Aires   Hanna, F   Arthur S Cuff   V-024-12
1914-06-28   Cumberland, S W   Buenos Aires   Barclay, H G   S Cumberland   V-072-10
1911-11-13   Cummings, J   Valparaiso / ...   King, J A   Cummings, J   V-056-18
1914-11-05   Cummins, E   Valparaiso   Aitchison, Duncan M   ... Cummins   V-073-22
1904-03-08   Cunningham D, William Gordon   God's Country, North America   Christie, A W     V-005-06
1913-08-12   Cunningham, H   Buenos Aires   Dockray, S T   H Cunningham   V-066-21
1906-05-31   Cunningham, R A   Victoria, BC   Wilson, James   R A Cunningham   V-021-08
1907-04-03   Cunningham, […]   Valparaiso   Perkins, Wm     V-026-03
1913-01-11   Curran, Norman ..   Montreal, Canada   Marsters, J     V-062-13
1911-07-30   Currie, T E   Punta Delgada   Bradley, W P   T E Currie   V-055-08

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